Salomé – Daughter of the night® book one

Salomé – Daughter or Demon
Salomé: Daughter or Demon

A new teen and young adult vampire novel by author William Freeman.

Salomé cherishes her passion for the night. Her unyielding passion protects her sanity; while, a boot knife protects her against any other threats. But unbeknownst to Salomé, she has had other protectors watching her throughout her life. And thank goodness for that, for the night’s shadows spy on her.

After high school graduation, Salomé moves to Santa Fe, New Mexico, where she makes new friendships and works a challenging career. Then one starry night, Fate intercedes. Salomé receives an invitation to embrace her inner passion. Should she trust this shadowy stranger? And change her life forever–or–run?

The choice leads to Salomé dealing with vampires, gods, immortals, secret organizations, and magick. How can Salomé manage nightkind when all she knows of them originate from books and movies?

Salomé can only hope to complete her adventure with the help of family and friends.

If she cannot, the world might end in a thunderous bang.

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Available in paperback and eBook formats!

From the back cover:

There’s a new young vampire in town. And this vamp doesn’t whine.

Salomé and Theodore shared plenty of mischief together. Heck, most of the town retell their tales. But after high school graduation, close friendships travel in opposite directions.

When Salomé relocates to New Mexico, Fate offers Salomé an overwhelming choice to embrace the night and become a vampire. While Theodore finally receives word of achieving his lifelong ambition to join the priesthood and moves to New York.

If Salomé can keep her secret safe, old friendships should survive the long distance. But when a maniac decides to dabble in ancient magick, old friendships strain to their limits. To make matters worse, Eric, Salomé’s father, kept more than one secret from his daughter.

After learning outlandish tales, conspiracy theories, and family history, Salomé puts her immortal life in danger. Should she follow the team’s plan or do it alone? The world, or at least the Hudson Valley, depends on her.

Good thing, Salomé has her secrets too.

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